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Title Insurance & Closing

Quality Control & Effciency

The CSS on-boarding team will meet with you to determine your specific needs. Our processes will be adapted to efficiently overcome any obstacles you may face. The end result is a tailor-made title solution that solves your unique situation.

Learn more about the closing process itself here.


Alta Commitment and Loan Policies 

As a member of the American Land Title Association, CSS utilizes standard ALTA forms and partners with multiple underwriters to issue lenders and owners title insurance policies. An ALTA Commitment will provide the lender with information identifying the property’s ownership and vesting, legal description, and tax information, and cite existing exceptions from coverage such as judgments, mortgages, easements and other encumbrances. The Commitment also informs our lenders of those conditions that must be met to clear title, and the need for
additional information or documentation to insure the loan.

Junior Loan Policies

For lenders needing insurance coverage for junior loans– typically home equity loans or lines of credit– CSS will provide a lower cost title product covering date of ownership, vesting, judgments, voluntary and involuntary liens, applicable encumbrances, and real estate tax status.

Updated Reports

To ensure our customers have the most up-to-date reporting information, CSS will provide an updated version of the commitment effective through the current certified date of the land records, and we will mark any changes made since the commitment’s previous search date.

Closing Options

Our closing team is staffed with a large number of experienced, pro-active, and accommodating closing personnel servicing both refinance and purchase transactions. Settlement options include: branch closings, notary signings, mail-out closings, or our newest option– Electronic Closings! Try this new technology that saves your customers time and money.