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CSS provides mortgage lenders with one consistent, streamlined refinance title and closing process across their entire geographic footprint. This results in faster turn times, reduced loan costs, improved borrower satisfaction, and lower risk of third-party compliance issues.

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Centralized Title Benefits


  • CSS provides one high standard of quality for title work and closings. Valuable lender management time is wasted attempting to manage quality at numerous local title agencies.
  • CSS offers electronic closings while most local title agencies do not.
  • CSS provides consistent final policy turn-times of less than 7 days. Tracking final policy completion from numerous title agencies is unmanageable.
  • CSS offers one set of title and closing fees versus many.
  • Lender process changes require one contact with CSS to implement versus contacting each of the many local title agencies being used.
  • CSS offers one order and delivery method versus the multitude of methods that must be accommodated by lenders using numerous local title agencies.


  • CSS offers a single point of contact versus many at numerous local title agencies.
  • CSS offers integrations with loan operating systems and title portals, while many local title agencies do not.
  • CSS provides proactive communication on all files producing better coordination on fees between lender and settlement provider. Our Lode Star Fee Calculator provides lenders with 24/7 access to closing fees.


  • Proper Third-Party Compliance required by regulators is unmanageable with numerous title vendors.
  • The CSS legal and compliance team completes due diligence documentation timely and accurately.
  • CSS’ in-house legal team assists our lender customers with underwriting and compliance questions.


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