Centralized Title

What is a Centralized Title Solution?

We have helped other regional refinance lenders greatly improve their results by having them implement a centralized title ordering process and streamlining their number of title vendors. Improvements have included closing loans faster, improved quality and third-party compliance, and reduced loan costs!

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Centralized Title Benefits


  • CSS provides one high standard of quality for title work and closings. Valuable lender management time is wasted attempting to manage quality at numerous local title agencies.
  • CSS offers electronic closings while most local title agencies do not.
  • CSS provides consistent final policy turn-times of less than 7 days. Tracking final policy completion from numerous title agencies is unmanageable.
  • CSS offers one set of title and closing fees versus many.
  • Lender process changes require one contact with CSS to implement versus contacting each of the many local title agencies being used.
  • CSS offers one order and delivery method versus the multitude of methods that must be accommodated by lenders using numerous local title agencies.


  • CSS offers a single point of contact versus many at numerous local title agencies.
  • CSS offers integrations with loan operating systems and title portals, while many local title agencies do not.
  • CSS provides proactive communication on all files producing better coordination on fees between lender and settlement provider. Our Lode Star Fee Calculator provides lenders with 24/7 access to closing fees.


  • Proper Third-Party Compliance required by regulators is unmanageable with numerous title vendors.
  • The CSS legal and compliance team completes due diligence documentation timely and accurately.
  • CSS’ in-house legal team assists our lender customers with underwriting and compliance questions.


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