Reduce home equity loan costs

We offer lenders a suite of title, valuation, and closing products that can be configured to meet the needs of each lender. We help lower the average cost per loan, reduce turn time, maintain third party compliance, and provide exceptional customer support.

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Solution Benefits

Warranted Property Reports
We offer Warranted Property Reports to reduce lender risk by providing a remedy should errors occur. Up to $750,000 in errors & omissions coverage is available including coverage of the gap in time between the date of the Property Report and the date of recording.

Legal and Vesting Reports
The lender will receive a streamlined report detailing current property ownership information, parcel information, and legal description.

Junior Lien Policy
For lenders needing insurance coverage for junior loans– typically home equity loans or lines of credit– CSS will provide a lower cost title product covering the date of ownership, vesting, judgments, voluntary and involuntary liens, applicable encumbrances, and real estate tax status.

Report Updates
To ensure our customers have the most up-to-date reporting information, CSS will provide an updated version of our property reports effective through the current certified date of the land records, and we will mark any changes made since the report’s previous filing date.

CSS has a valuation solution for every risk profile and price point. We offer an automated cascade of hybrid products designed to optimize product choice on each loan. The result is fewer high-cost full appraisals and lower monthly spending by properly balancing risk and cost on each loan. By taking the time to fully understand each lender’s unique needs, we are able to custom-tailor a winning solution.

Our automated cascade of hybrid products is designed to meet the unique and specific needs of today's lender. This process ensures that the right product is chosen for each loan, avoiding wasteful spending on unnecessary high-cost products.

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Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Our notaries facilitate remote signings on behalf of the lender on a 24/7 basis, saving you time and resources to close deals faster. We contract with the top eClosing technologies in the industry to ensure optimum security and bullet-proof identity verification processes.

Remote Ink-Signed Notarization (RIN)

Borrowers have the flexibility to ink-sign paper documents over a video call with an authorized notary or attorney. They would send the signed documents to the notary for final approval. We hold our notaries to high standards in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism.

In-Person Closing

We manage multiple notaries and attorneys in every zip code within the states we work in, allowing you to close multiple loans simultaneously. This saves you time and overhead costs. With a consistently expanding licensing footprint, we can promptly work to accommodate loan needs across the country. Closings are always scheduled at the best possible convenience of the customer.


CSS will provide a thorough review of the original documents to ensure they comply with the current recording requirements. Our staff of experienced professionals calculate and front the appropriate recording fees* and deliver to the applicable governmental office for filing. Recording information is transmitted in a timely manner to the lender and posted and accessible on our website.

Electronic Recording

CSS will record documents electronically where available. “eRecording” is the process of filing and recording documents with the County Clerk’s or Recorder’s office via the internet. We encourage the use of this process as it expedites recording, eliminates paper, and removes the need for express mail or courier delivery of documents for recording.

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