CSS Is Your eClosing Solution!

As an early adopter of this technology, CSS has been closing real estate transactions electronically for years. As a result, we’ve learned what works. We want to put the benefits of this technology to work for you and your customers. This is how all closings will be done – much sooner than you think!


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eClosing Benefits



  • Delivers unique marketing differentiator & competitive advantage
  • Efficiency and cost gains by eliminating paper
  • The verification process is automated and documented for stricter control against identity theft and fraud 
  • Recordings occur more quickly, resulting in lien priorities being secured more quickly
  • Improved data & document integrity, compliance & control
  • No trailing or missing documents, pages or signatures
  • Process of selling to Fannie and Freddie reduced to a few days



  • Faster, easier, more convenient - borrowers close from the comfort of their home or office avoiding time off from work and unnecessary travel
  • Superior customer service and better overall closing experience
  • Ability to preview documents online prior to closing


  • Electronic audit trail of the transaction with date and time stamps
  • Retained proof of acceptance, eConsent
  • Automatically fulfilled electronic record retention requirements
  • Embedded data, calculations, and documents to ensure the ability to replicate proof of compliance in the future



The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid & eClosings

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