Home Closing Process

Understanding the Title Closing Process

We understand that the closing process can be a bit confusing. Our interactive diagram below details each step of the real estate closing process.

Steps to Close

Click on the houses to learn about each step of the closing process.

Step 1

Congratulations and Thank You for Choosing CSS!

We are thrilled to be your guide through this exciting journey. While you are dreaming about how to decorate your master bedroom, we will be searching public records pertaining to your title. After this search, we will produce a document called a Title Commitment. Title insurance is about protection; protecting YOUR HOME, YOUR FAMILY, AND YOURSELF. IT IS ABOUT PREVENTING A MISHAP, or lessening the severity of its impact. We will send this over for your review once it is ready (typically 7-10 days).

Step 2

The Title Commitment is in Your Hands Now!

At this point, you will want to review it, perhaps with your Realtor or Attorney, along with viewing our welcome video (Buyer click hereSeller click here) to prepare you for your closing.  Be sure to stay on the lookout for communication from us in an effort to clear any issues regarding your title commitment. Clearing the title, depending on the type and number of issues, could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. No sweat, we will work to get them taken care of and you will be on your way to closing day!

Step 3

At This Point, All Requirements Have Been Met and Closing Day is Just Around the Corner!

Can you picture yourself cooking your first meal in your new kitchen yet? Your Realtor or lender will be reaching out to you to schedule your closing soon.

Step 4

Getting Ready & Moving!

While you’ve been busy packing, ordering utilities and coordinating the movers, we’ve been working behind-the-scenes with all the parties and now we are ready to close! We are so looking forward to helping you with your final steps.

Step 5

One Last Step Before You Make it Home!

It’s time to review your closing statement. If you are working with a lender they will provide a loan document called a Closing Disclosure to you at least three days prior to closing.  The ALTA Statement which we provide itemizes all of the fees and charges that both parties must pay during the settlement process of this transaction. Your Realtor will go over this with you as well.

Step 6


You made it to the end of our journey.  Documents have been signed, keys have been passed along, pictures may have been taken and it’s time to make some new memories!


You can also point buyers and sellers to our Closing Process FAQ page, where they’ll have access to videos that will answer their questions about closings!