eMORTGAGES – The Digital Mortgage Solution

The Solution

Are you ready your to take your borrower’s experience to the next level? Imagine if you could eliminate paper altogether from the loan process. Digital mortgages are transforming the loan process, and we want to give you the opportunity to take advantage it. With the added security, compliance, and efficiency, we could not pass up the opportunity to offer this solution to our customers.

CSS offers a digital mortgage solution that unites eNote, eSignature, eNotary, MERS eRegistration, eDelivery, and eVault services to provide a highly efficient, paperless end-to-end eClosing. Also, documents that need to be notarized can be conveniently eSigned and eNotarized without leaving the comfort of one’s home. This solution will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiencies.


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  • Reduce loan approval time
  • Reduce “application to close” days
  • More than double per loan profit by reducing origination costs

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