Your home may be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. Both you and your lender want to make sure you own the property and that no other person or entity has any right to or claim, encumbrance or lien against it.

CSS is in business to make sure your rights and interests to your property are clear, and that the transfer of title is done correctly, giving you the maximum protection possible.

We provide title services to buyers, sellers, builders, real estate developers, lenders, attorneys and others who have an interest in making a real estate transfer. CSS routinely offers two types of title policies. First, is the Owner’s title policy, which covers you, the buyer. Second, is the Lender’s title policy, which covers the bank, or other lending entity, over the life of the loan. Both of these title policies are issued at the time of purchase for a one-time fee.

Before we can issue a policy, CSS performs an extensive search of public records to determine if anyone other than you has an interest in the property. If common defects exist, such as tax liens, unrelated mortgages, assessments, access issues or boundary disputes, we offer solutions to clear title and proceed to closing.

Once a title policy is issued, if for any reason a claim arises relative to the property, which is covered under your title policy, we will pay the legal fee involved in defense of your rights, as well as any covered loss arising from a valid claim. As long as you or your heirs own the property, you are protected for the one-time fee paid at the time of purchase.

What Is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is different than other types of insurance you may have purchased. Most insurance policies provide financial protection for losses arising from such things as fire, theft or accidents, which happen in the future. Title insurance protects against what has happened in the past. That is why it is very important to choose wisely when picking your title insurance company for your next purchase or refinance! We thoroughly go back and check the records!

Why Title Insurance?

Title insurance guarantees that the seller has legal rights and “marketable” title to the property that he is selling. We do a thorough search of the records and make sure there are no liens, or claims against the property that needs to be “cleared” before selling. Once all is cleared and closing performed, an Owner’s policy is given to the new owner and a Lender’s policy is given to the lender, if one involved in the transaction.

Take the Next Step!

You can have a peace of mind just knowing that Corporate Settlement Solutions has made you their #1 priority, and that your home really does belong to you!

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