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Commercial Transactions Experience

Navigating Commercial Real Estate

In less experienced hands, title issues such as encroachments, deed restrictions, survey issues, leasehold interests and lien subordinations may derail a project for weeks. Our experienced real estate professionals know the ins and outs of complicated commercial real estate transactions.

Here’s why our experience makes us a valuable resource for commercial transactions: 

  • CSS employs experienced title examiners, closing officers and construction specialists who have worked on a wide variety of commercial transactions.
  • In the commercial world, title insurance rate manuals and requirements vary among underwriters. We have strong relationships with four different title insurance underwriters, giving us the ability to match customers with the best coverage at the best available price.
  • No matter how tangled the title issues may be, we have in-house underwriting counsel that will quickly unravel issues that may arise.
  • Forward, reverse and improvement 1031 Exchanges available by a Certified Exchange Specialist.
  • Geographic Coverage: We are licensed in and provide our commercial services throughout the eastern half of the United States. As a result, CSS is a single-source provider for commercial transactions throughout this region!