Title & Closing

Why Work With So Many Title Agencies?

All You Need is CSS!

CSS is a centralized title insurance and closing vendor that may be used across all your market locations. Simplify your management challenges!

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it's time to learn more about CSS’s Centralized Title Solution.

Benefits of Our Centralized Title & Closing

Quality Control & Efficiency:

  • CSS provides one high standard of quality for title work and closings. Valuable lender management time is wasted attempting to manage quality at numerous local title agencies.
  • CSS offers electronic closings and our Mobile Title App while most local title agencies do not
  • Faster final policy turnaround times (consistently less than 30 days) versus tracking final policy completion from numerous title agencies 
  • CSS offers simplified and minimized fees with only one set of title and closing fees versus many
  • Lender process changes require one contact with CSS to implement versus contacting each of the many local title agencies being used
  • CSS offers one order and delivery method versus the multitude of methods that must be accommodated by lenders using numerous local title agencies

Communication & Integration:

  • Communication from one point of contact, which means greater efficiency and coherence
  • CSS offers integrations with loan operating systems and title portals while many local title agencies do not
  • Proactive communication about all files, producing better coordination on fees between lender and settlement provider


  • Simplified management of Third Party Compliance required by regulators (proper compliance is, often times, unmanageable with numerous title vendors.)
  • CSS assists its lender customers with Third Party Compliance issues by completing due diligence questions
  • Easy access to multiple attorneys on CSS staff who are ready to assist with underwriting and compliance questions